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    Problems with Photoshop Elements 10


      Hi, I have recently installed elements 10 after having been a user of elements 7 for a couple of years.

      Having never experienced any problems in 7, I am finding 10 to be a different kettle of fish.


      I am an amateur photographer and use PSE for post processing of my photographs.


      Rather than list every problem in one thread I shall gradually work through the problems and the first

      one is with the spot healing brush tool. I find that this tool seems to have a life of its own. Sometimes

      it follows my instructions but after using it for a few minutes it starts to misbehave and jump about the

      screen when I click the mouse. When this happens, cloning takes place at points that I did not select.


      This problem has also been happening when I use the clone stamp tool.


      I am running PSE on a laptop running windows Vista. Yesterday I decided to uninstall and reload PSE

      which does not appear to have made any difference at all.


      Any ideas please?