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    Photoshop CS6 Saving JPEGs as GIF's???

    LJBlakbird Community Member

      I am doubble clicking my .jpg images from Bridge CS6 into Photoshop CS6 to downsize the image and after i change the image to move across to a forum elsewhere.

      The Save As" option gives me all the normal file. options, i click the drop down bar and select JPEG, and then automatically the .jpg image above turns into a .gif file???

      I have closed out and tried resaving on several different images of mine and keep getting this .gif once selecting the JPEG, and- .gif setting if i select ok to go forward with the.gif.

      I want to save as a simple

      JPEG with a size 8 for web forum purpose.

      Whats with this?

      Please help with this, is it a bug??


      Here is the screen pic.-->

      Sorry about the blurryness if you click the image it wil enlarge. Cheers




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      Lightroom 4.


      ******UPDATE- Going through all different file formats, saved everything as something different.

      Saving my image as .Photoshop Raw- Saved my Photo as a JPEG then i got to choose size 8 - ok. Done.

      Definatley a BUG!!***** in file saving!!!******

      Screen shot 2012-04-13 at 10.25.25 PM.png