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    Can I get a numeric value entered as a whole number on a form to "know" it's really a percentage?

    Mike Prosser

      Hi everyone,


      I'm a non-technical person using LiveCycle 7.1 to design forms for the court system I work in. I've developed a judgment form where different values are entered: damages, interest start/stop dates, interest rate, additional costs/credits, which are then totaled. The form works great, I used FormCalc to perform all the math in the form. The question I have is: is there a way for the form to know a number entered in a field is really a percentage? So if a user entered "12" the form would know it's really 12%. Right now the form requires the user to enter the interest rate as a decimal value: 12% as ".12". I'm a bit concerned about the potential for user error. It would be ideal if the user could enter "12" (without decimal) and have the form know that that numeric field was always a percentage value. Any ideas? Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated.