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    How to edit redactions--Part 2

    runuz Level 1

      I learned that once they are applied to a pdf file redactions cannot be further modified or edited (Thanks try67).  Actually the redactions were "marked" by my client with a brand new copy of Acrobat 9 (go figure), not by me with Acrobat X. When he first tried redacting he applied the redactions and we ended up with blacked-out redactions that could not be modified. He re-did the redactions but this time around did not apply them so that we could later modify the properties--or so we thought.  Now I have a file of 100-plus pages with redactions marked on most of those pages--in some cases several per page.  I have not "applied" them yet, just saved the file.    But no matter how I set the Redaction Properties (white background, with an explanatory text overlay) when I apply the redactions I end up with the redactions as totally blacked out.  Before I changed the Redaction Properties I don't recall the default settings but I don't think they were set to total black-out.  Right now all the redactions are in the form of a box outlining what is to be redacted but unless I hover the cursor over the box the underlying text shows through.  I made a copy of the document and it seems that any changes I make to the Redaction Properties have no effect on what is already marked but only on what I subsequently mark. The result is that my new redactions are the way I want them but the prior ones marked for redaction are totally blacked out when the redactions are applied. I even tried to re-mark a black-out redaction but to no avail unless I mark an area larger than the earlier redaction.  In the interim the client is hard at work marking more pdf files with redactions.


      How can I get the redactions that are marked to look the way I want? 


      We may also remove (unmark?) some of the redactions.  Is this possible?