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    How much can one FMS instance handle?


      If I have a setup in which I anticipate:


      86GB per day or 1 Megabyte/second (bytes, not bits)

      13M messages per day or 150 messages/second

      150,000 user minutes per day


      Assuming that the peak simultaneous users is about 300, in 100 'rooms' of groups of 3.


      Looking at the possibility of running on EC2, I see that this chart at http://www.adobe.com/products/amazon-web-services/pricing.html shows that the "High-memory quadruple extra large" instance allows 10,000 simultaneous connections. Does that mean that during peak time, with 300 a/v streams up and 900 a/v streams down, that the server isn't breaking a sweat? Would bandwidth be a bottleneck? If not, how many instances would I need to handle the load?


      Do you have any 'real life' data/anecdata that would help back this up?