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    CS 5.5 to CS 6


      Purchased CS 5.5.  Install halted ½ way, needed Acrobat 9 disk to continue installation.

      Inserted A9 disk, file not found.  Manually searched for file on my PC. Found and pointed to it in dialog box.

      Why does a $1300 program need me to find an Adobe file in the Adobe folder?

      During registration, would not complete successfully.  Errored out as expired. No email to me about successful registration.  Went back to registration in new window and it told me I cannot register twice. A new window opened informing me that I was eligible for a “free gift.”  Great!  I want.  The window has no links, no buttons, no way to navigate out of the window except to close and to select and download “free gift.”

      Finished registration and “gift” is never mentioned again.  Ever.

      Found out CS6 is offered to new purchasers of CS5.5 (me).  It’s impossible to find how to ACTUALLY do this using the search function of the Adobe website.  I had to use 3rd party links find it in your site.

      I would rate the site and the installation as “poor” in every regard.

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          I am sorry you had so many difficulties.  It does sound like you had Acrobat 9 installed previously.  If the install files had been modified or if there had been changes to the registry this could have caused the behavior which you observed.  If you had gone to Program and Features to remove Acrobat 9 you would have had the same experience.


          In regards to the Product Registration Incentive Offer if you open one of your Products and go to Help>Complete your Profile it will give you the option to claim your gift.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Have you for a second considered that 90% of your problems could be local to your system? Seriously, a lot of what you describe is highly unusual and points to much deeper underlying system configuration issues, which may include networking issues, a busted Windows Installer and something on your end blocking Flash-based content and/or JavaScripts. I'm not arguing your point about the Adobe site(s) being rather chaotic, but your other technical problems are very specific and thus may be completely outside anything to do with Adobe...



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              Davewastaken Level 1

              I see, it's all my fault that my brand new computer, just installing software, is the reason the "free gift" procedure is so onerous, the "free update" process is hidden, and Adobe Acrobat 10 cannot find A9 to update itself in the Adobe folder.

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                Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

                Its not your fault , we all know that we are not eager to spend money on such expensive just because we like them ,,,,,these software are our livelihood.


                If everything have to work fine then I beleive there is no need of Tech Support , no Forums and no one would be able to figure out the challenges.


                There are plenty of people who use the software without any issue and its not only the latest version but I know people who are with Adobe since it launched.


                What I am trying to say is it may be a Bad day , However when I am getting an oppurtunity to upgarde myself free to CS6 and that to before anyone else then it is worthful......One Bad experince should not set the expecttion for the entire life.


                We are here to help and fix all your problem.

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                  Davewastaken Level 1

                  Well,  I just got my Upgrade from Adobe by overnight express.




                  They sent me the UPGRADE version of CS5.5, not the upgrade to CS6 promised.




                  I started this adventure with Adobe on April 3rd, 2012.

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                    Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                    Did you previously receive a physical copy of Creative Suite 5.5?  I don't believe we have begun shipping the upgrades for CS6 for those customers who qualify for the Post Announce Upgrade yet.

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                      Davewastaken Level 1

                      Yes, I now have two physical copies of CS5.5, one full I spend considerable time justifying, and one UPGRADE.


                      I am a paying customer; I do not know the shipping schedules or what the correct solution to my question was.  Understand, I am not upset with any of the support personnel.


                      Here’s the problem:


                      When I go into a store or restaurant, often they say “hi” and then “I’ll be with you in a few minutes.”

                      Then they proceed to wipe trays or stock shelves, making you stand there until they are ready.

                      The employee does not understand that the trays or the cigarettes DO NOT PAY their wages.  The customer spending their money is the priority, not the stock, or the cleaning.


                      The problem is the inability to understand that  there is a problem.


                      Adobe is broken and Adobe doesn’t understand that they are broken. 


                      Adobe software that can’t find an Adobe DLL in an Adobe folder is broken.

                      Adobe websites that don’t take you where you need to go are broken.

                      Adobe offering free software that is only accessed through an application is broken.

                      Adobe offering upgrades to recent buyers of their software for a current version, and the Adobe support people talking to you that don’t know Adobe is offering upgrades, is broken.

                      Adobe offering a response of “you should have done this…” is BLAME the customer and is broken.


                      My hope is they will improve, but everyone around me says "Well that's just Adobe." 

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                        Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                        Davewastaken I would recommend reviewing Complimentary CS6 upgrades | FAQ | Purchases from Adobe - http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/cs6-faq-direct-purchases.html.  It states that you will receive an e-mail within 10 days after Creative Suite 6 has been released.  You will then be able to download your copy of Creative Suite 6 from Adobe.com.

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                          Davewastaken Level 1

                          Thank you.