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    action in photoshop cs5

    Greg from Holland



      Why are actions that used to work fine in photoshop cs4 not working in Cs5?


      for example I have a simple action that opens a Tif file (I always use this action starting in Bridge), then save it as a jpg and closes the file.


      always ran beautiful in cs4...but no longer in cs 5?

      What am I missing?


      sorry if this question came up before, but to be honest this forum is hard to navigate! I couldnt fine my answer.


      thanks in advance!


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Sometimes menu commands get shuffled around and change and in the process get a different internal ID or UI name. Thus the action may not be able to address the function with legacy actions. Likewise, sometimes options change in panels and file dialogs, so some stuff may no longer be avialable. Could be a couple of those things and even more so if an external program liek Bridge is involved, which has seen major changes from CS4 to CS5.



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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            Post one of the actions that fail in CS5.  As far as I know CS4 and CS5 have the same bugs in the action player bugs that are not in CS3.

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              TLL... Level 3

              If it's a simple action why not just re-record it? Sometimes that's just as easy as troubleshooting...

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                Greg from Holland Level 1

                Thanks all for the reply.


                The action of opening a tiff and saving it as a jpg seems an easy action.

                So that was the first action I tryed to remake in CS5. Some how I cant get it to work...


                That's why I thought let;s just copy the old "working"action from CS4...



                I must be missing something..

                Maybe something obvious, but I dont see it.

                I can make that action "open tif save as jpg" and make it work for the same folder and files that I record the action with.

                But then, when I try this action for a new set of tif files, in a different folder....it doesnt work...


                when I try to use the always working smooth action in cs4 in CS5 i get this:



                What have I done wrong?


                all I want is to save the tif file as a jpg.


                Again, thanks all for replying and helping me out!



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                  Todd Shaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  My guess is that you used 'Save As' instead of Save, which causes the file to be saved in the folder path used when originally creating the action. At least this is the case for PS CS5 on Windows 7.


                  To apply actions or file format changes to multiple files try using the 'Batch' processor, 'Image Processor, or create a 'Droplet.'