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    ClickTAG and Link can't have both ?

    Julie Cloutier

      Hi, I have a problem when inserting a click tag and a link. I read that the clickTAG must be on the top layer of the animation, so I put right below it on another layer a button with a link to a website. When I click on the image, the click tag work but the redirection to the website does not.


      Any idea on how to make a link work while inserting a click tag ?


      Should I put this code on the same button ?


      on (release) {

      getURL (_level0.clickTAG, "_blank");



      on (release) {

          getURL("http://www.mywebsiteaddressblablabla.com", "_blank");


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          Easy — just use one button with one on (release) and a simple conditional...


          on (release) {

               if (_level0.clickTag) {

                    getURL(_level0.clickTag, "_blank");

               } else {

                  getURL("http://www.adobe.com", "_blank");




          You should only use one "release" event handler per button, and don't bother stacking two buttons on top of each other. The purpose of the clickTag is to go to a URL specified by the ad server. A clickTag is just a URL string passed to a flash banner using a flash var in the object/embed tag of an html page, so that conditional statement above (the if/else) checks if the clickTag exists; if it does, it navigates to the URL specified by the clickTag. If it does not exist, it goes to the backup URL.

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            Julie Cloutier Level 1

            Thank you so much for this answer, it clarify everything about the clickTAG.


            I have one more question though.


            All of this work only with CS 4 right ? This is Action script 2.0 and it won't work if I save my file using CS5.5 format ?