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    Premiere Pro CS5.5 Encoding takes a while to start and freezes a little at 49%?


      Hi all, I have noticed when I click the export button on the export settings and the encoding  box starts up it sits on 0% for around 3-5 min then kicks in and starts encoding. Plus once I get to 49% it sits again for 3-5min then starts up again. Any ideas why it is doing this?


      A little more info:


      Os: Win 7 Pro x64

      CPU: i7 2600k

      Ram: 16GB

      HDD: WD 1TB Black


      Video has a small after effects file and about 20min of screen recording @720p along with voice over audio recoreded in audition. Rendering at 2 pass target 2mbps 1280x720p, Max depth and max render quality checked.