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    Placed PSD files are grainy

    VaughnByrd21 Level 1

      This is a recent occurence.


      I always place PSD files into InDesign docs so I can just click to edit. But recently, the images are very noisy/grainy, even though they are not in Photoshop. Print quality is terrible...these are high resolution, edited images.


      When I save the PSD files as max JPGs and place them into InDesign, the images are beautiful again.


      I've been doing this forever without issue. Current setup is Creative Suite Design Pro CS5.5--I also use LightRoom before exporting to Photoshop for final editing.


      The images are beautiful in Photoshop, whether PSD or JPG. And half of the images on the InDesign page are PSD and they are great, too.


      But a few of the PSD files are awful--when I replace them with JPGs they're fine.


      Any idea what's happening? For years, this has been a tried and true workflow for me.


      Thanks in advance.