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    CQ5 Trial


      I’m trying to set up a local, non-production environment to test and evaluate CQ5. I’ve downloaded the ‘Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform (ADEP) – Experience Services  ’ and followed the install instruction given (http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/getting_started/download_and_startworking.html), but all I get is the option to use CRXDE lite. There is no option for CQ5 WCM as shown on some of the getting started scripts on the Adobe web site. How do I set up a website (there isn’t a websites menu open now) so that I can test/evaluate CQ5 locally? Thanks…fred

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          Darin Archer

          At this time we don't have a process for you to access a trial license on your own. However, if you reach out to a sales person, they are enabled to get you access to a trial license and the software. If you haven't yet connected with someone from sales, you can find a phone number and contact form on any of the Adobe Experience Manager (CQ5) pages.