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    single script for FrameMaker & RoboHelp?

    rlauriston Level 1

      I'm trying to automate generation of PDF and WebHelp from the same FrameMaker source


      I have a FrameMaker ExtendScript that sets conditional text for PDF, updates the book, generates PDF, sets conditional text for online help, and updates the book. It's a minor variation on <FM10_INSTALL_DIR>\Samples\ScriptsAndUtilities\Conditional Text\FM_Outputs_CondText.jsx.


      I have a RoboHelp ExtendScript that updates the FrameMaker source (thanks Willam van Weelden):


      var projectPath = "C:\\<path>\\<filename>.xpj";




      function main()


              if(projectPath == "")


                     //Error!. Quit RoboHelp

                     alert("Project path is not defined. \nPlease update the 'projectPath' variable in the script.");



              RoboHelp.openProject(projectPath); //Open the project

              RoboHelp.project.updateAll(true); //Update all linked documents (pass true for Force update)




      Is there some way to combine these into a single script, or to launch the RoboHelp script at the end of the FrameMaker script?


      Also, can I launch a batch file at the end of the RoboHelp script?