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    Linking to Word Docs vs. Authoring in Robo

    ChrissiB Level 1

      Currently, our process of creating topics for Robo begin as Word documents. This creates a lot of double work for the authors and we are wondering if it is better to just save the word docs to a network drive and link out to them from Robo. That way the doc is only created one time. This is an idea that is being considered for our Help project and I am wondering if there are any current issues that we should be aware of before we take this route.


      Some things we have already tried is copying and pasting from a Word doc into Robo and that creates issues with the HTML and doesn't always give the expected result when published. Importing Word docs have also not been a successful option, hence the idea to link directly to the Word doc. We already have a few .doc and.pdf files linked but if we go this route there will be several hundred docs linked in Robo to a network drive.


      Thoughts? Any feedback will help.





      FYI: We are using RH9