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    menu > file is suddenly really slow

    Manniac Level 1

      I use Premiere CS 5.5.2 on Windows 7 (nvidia gtx 590)


      Clicking on "file" in the menu suddenly became really slow a few days ago.

      It now takes about 4 or 5 seconds until the menu appears, and my whole computer hangs.

      all other menu items are as fast as I'm used to, i.e. "edit" or "project" is fast. only "file" lags.


      with the sub-menu of "file" there's a similar issue: "export" also lags, but all other sub-menus don't. i.e. "file > new" or "file > get properties for" are still fast.

      to be precise, when i navigate to "file > export", my computer hangs twice: at file and at export.


      does anyone have an idea what's wrong with my Premiere?