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    Another slow performance question


      I've read a few threads here about this problem. Had not until now experienced it.  Running Robohelp 8.02 locally on the C drive, creating projects locally. Yesterday, no problem. At some point today, suddenly it was taking much longer to save and load.  Normally saves are a second or two, sometimes 10 to 30 seconds.  Now its a minute and half to two minutes more often than not.  And long delays loading the project.


      I did nothing out of the ordinary today.  Tried restart, ditching the project .cpd file, even did the fix mentioned on Peter Grainger's site.  Nothing seems to help. I thought at first something got corrupted today in my project. Set about starting over with yesterday's backed up, thiniing that would bypass the problem content. But it's the same thing with yesterday's project.


      Everything still works, which is the good news. But I'd rather not wait so long, and defer saves for that reason. Any ideas?



      Michael D.