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    Re-Conforming Media on Multiple Machines


      Hi all,


      Apologies if this has been covered before - I've looked but not found anything.


      I have an issue with Premiere CS5.5 (on Mac, not tried this on a PC yet).


      Basically we work from SAN and NAS disks as well as local and external drives, and we open projects from different machines depending on which space we're working in etc. I'm working with a fairly straight-forward corporate project at the moment which is a mixture of 5D and EX3 footage. In Premiere all of the scratch disks etc are set to be the same as the project folder, however every time the project is opened Premiere sees the need to conform the footage again. There's a lot of footage in the project, so this is becoming epicly time consuming - especially when you just want to open it briefly on a MacBook, swap a clip or export a 10sec section or whatever but can't until it's completed 40mins of conform.. yawn.


      Maybe I'm missing something obvious - especially likely as we've moved over from Final Cut so we're still picking things up (though we're well versed in After Effects so not complete CS newcomers). I'm sure a lot of this is just us being unfamiliar - I'm not even entirely sure what it is that Premiere is conforming for example...!


      Any pointers gratefully received.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Do not think this will help you, but I migrate many Projects from one PC to others, all via FW-800 HDD's. My NAS is then out of the mix, as I Copied all needed Assets from it, to the appropriate folder beneath the Project's root folder. Remember, this is on PC's only.


          I have all Scratch Disks to Same As Project, just as you do. I have also set the drive letter of each of those externals to the same, unique drive letter, in the OS of each PC, so that Z:\ is always seen as Z:\ on every computer.


          To date, I have never had PrPro loose the link to either the CFA (Conformed Audio), or even Render files.


          Obviously, there is a major platform difference between what we are each doing. I also never have any of my networked drives involved, after that initial Copy operation.


          As I know zero about Mac's, I have no ideas to help you, other than to say that in my case, and on my PC's, things have always worked, as I intend, and would want - probably just jinxed myself.


          Good luck, and maybe someone else will have some tips, suggestions, that will help you.



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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Adobe uses absolute paths, so same drive letter (PC) or name (MAC) and directory structure. PR is not designed to work from a NAS or SAN and can cause problems if anything from session to session changes. Your best bet is to make all addresses static, so reindexing, reconforming is no longer needed, but still you will have the problem of synchronizing local data and SAN/NAS data. The easiest way out of this is by only using local files and synchronizing outside of PR.

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              Pixelly-Challenged Level 1

              Thanks for the quick reply Bill, that all makes sense. It is not that disimilar really for us - essentially the SAN and NAS disks all appear to all machines as the same path - i.e. in the case of a NAS based project each machine should see afp://RCM-04/Current/ProjectName/ProjectFiles/Premiere/ProjectName.prproj.


              So on that basis the relative path shouldn't be any different regardless of the machine. Unless I've missed something.



              Thanks Harm for jumping in - can you elaborate a little bit on that? As I've just written above to Bill, the path remains the same, and all of the files are in one place for any one project - not spread across SAN and local disks. We're not sync'ing anything to anywhere - the machine just works directly from the SAN or NAS - and as far as Premiere is concerned nothing should have changed.


              As we move from machine to machine, we can't be sync'ing everything to local disks - especially on the larger projects. Final Cut doesn't struggle with this, and working from a SAN is very commonplace in the industry so I'm not sure why this is proving so tricky?


              What am I missing?


              Thanks both for your replies.