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    Problem with Subform Instances at Form Opening

    kingphysh Level 4

      Hi All,


      I have a fairly large complex form that has several subforms that I want to have zero instances the first time it is opened. Most of those subforms that I set the initial instances = 0 on the Object pallet do exactly that--they behave! However, I have one subform in particular that no matter what I do, it always starts with an instance. I really don't want to work-around this, as I have done in the past when this happens. I want to solve it.


      I have tried

      • Unwrapping and the re-wrapping in a subform
      • Edited the <occur/> element in the XML for the subform.
      • repeatedly trying different combinations of min count, max and initial count values in the Object pallet--the initial count checkbox always reverts to unchecked and the count to blank--I actually see it un-checking itself and removing the "0", right after I return to Design View from the Preview. This even happens after I have manually set the values in the XML, double-checked the Object pallet to see that my edits are reflected there (they are) and then... upon returning from Preview, it reverts and my <occur/> edit vanishes.
      • I have searched for some offending script that might be causing this--but there is nothing that fires automatically tied to the instances of the subform. There are initialize, formReady and calculate scripts on objects in the subform, but nothing tied directly related to the instances of the subfom?


      I have encountered this sort of thing before and used the "presence" property as a work-around. I will be exporting the XML data out of this form and I don't want a bunch of empty elements to deal with.


      Any suggestions (besides "have you considered being a gardener?") are most welcome. I hope someone knows of a solution--I have spent way too much time on this.