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    Dreamweaver or RoboHelp HTML...or...

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      Which tool would you buy today to create a tech pubs site that supports multiple internal and external audiences for multiple components.


      Customers might be within the company and external and they should not know about one another's stuff, even though it's has similar purpose. Dev team and support need record and tracking processes: A document management tool, with access based on roles/responsibilities:



        Developers/designers of software

        Training and technical support

        Service (to resolve server/production errors in the field)


      External (customers--within the company and outside the company):






      Products include multiplatform plugins, 8 distintct API interfaces, and 3 different GUIs--which can be standalone OR  end-to-end setup...or anywhere in between.


      Needs to support lots of code snippets, screenshots of the UI and of conceptual diagrams (integration points for perhaps 4 layers---some hardwired, some in the cloud.


      Web based. RoboHelp supports building feature descriptions by component, with procedures in multiple workflows


      DreamWeaver does, too. What can be used to stitch together Dev Content for internal reference (Dev, Service, Training) and interdepartmental proejcts (Dev, but probably not service or Training), and external (rollout new feature to 2 tiers of customer: Beta and End user).


      Delivery/releases may be custom to both internal and external customers, in addition to "feature rollouts".

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          It seems to me that a Wiki or a CMS like Drupal would suit your needs much better. Drupal and many wiki's are open source and free, although Drupal requires quite a bit of planning beforehand. Wiki's are especially suited for code snippets. With dreamweaver, you need to make all the pages yourself. RoboHelp is powerfull for help, but code snippets require a little more work. For good authorisation and tracking, you will also need RoboHelp server. Features that a good CMS or Wiki will have built in.