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    Problems with icon object


      Hi! I hope someone can help me with the icons object.



      When I use the following code (document level) in a PDF file  I created (with Acrobat 8)


      app.alert (this.icons.length)

      try {


      app.alert (this.icons[0].name)






      for (var i in e)

      app.alert(i +":"+e[i])



      I get 8 for the length and the error message


      this.icons[0] has no properties


      This happens for this.icons[1].name, ..... this.icons[7].name


      Although there should be eigth icons I can't get any name.


      Furthermore if I use app.alert(this.icons) I get  the following string ",,,,,,,". There is a simple way to remove this corrupted (I think) object?


      Sorry for my bad english

      Thank you, linopasc