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    Use of Audio & Video in Encore Menus (CS4)




      I'm using Encore CS4 on Windows 7.  I've searched for some tutorials or other posts on the topic, which were helpful, but incomplete. 

      I want to add a video preview with audio on the main menu of a standard DVD (not blu-ray).  However, I want to have the video preview placed in the lower left quadranth of the menu (with the navigation button flanking it on the right lower quadranth and titles centered on the upper half).  What would be the best way to achieve that?


      A couple ways I tried to do this:


      1) I tried to use use of the video buttons that come with Encore's library, but I found it was too cumbersome trying to remove the text and borders that came with the video buttons in Photoshop.  It didn't have the look I aiming for.  Essentially, all I really wanted was a simple rectangular box to house the preview video.  So, I made a rectangular box in Photoshop as a layer and saved the menu in Encore.  I added to the video to the rectangular box in Encore and selected the animate buttons as required.  There was no audio, so I linked the audio from the file in the properties box of the motion menu.  Unfortunately, once I rendered the motion menu, the audio was out of sync when I previewed it, and I didn't know how to remedy that.


      2) Another approach I tried was to simply lasso the audio and video clips in the Properties section of the motion menu with the video file I had (mpeg),  The audio was synced, but the video filled the entire background of the menu with the titles and buttons over the video.  Is there anyway to restrict this video to a certain section of the menu or will Encore only allow it to take up the entire background? 


      Also, with both approches, I noticed when I previewed the menu (after rendering, of course), every time I scrolled across one of the navigation buttons, the preview video would restart versus just playing  uninterupted.  Is there anyway to set this up without having the video restart like that?  [One thought: does this happen only because I am previewing the video and wouldn't happen once the project is built?]


      I'm not very savvy with After Effects, but would using that help me achieve what I'm aiming for?  Anyway, I appreicate any thoughts or insight on how I should approach this.  Thanks in advance for your time!  I really appreicate it!



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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          As long as you have only one video you want to play in the window, you should have no  problem.


          Preview may not display correctly.


          The easiest way to do what you want can be done in Premiere just as well as After Effects. All you are creating is the background video and audio. Any titles, buttons, and highlights can be done in Encore or Photoshop. I prefer PS.


          In PR, bring in the menu background you want to see behind the background video. Add your movie over this. Use motion settings to resize and put the video where you want it. If you want to frame it, add a title with a graphic on the next track up.


          Export this as a demuxed mpeg (m2v and ac3 or wav).


          Import to EN and add a background video and audio.

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            Shadreck Rukweza Level 2

            After doing what Stan said, start with a blank menu in Encore, then after adding a video and audio background you can then place your buttons and add all the necessary text, in PS or En.


            Good luck.