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    Flex Help - Creating Resizable, Draggable, Rotatable Shapes

      Hopefully some feedback from this forum can guide me into creating what I hope to accomplish.
      What I want to do is have the user be able to draw shapes onto a canvas/panel. The shaeps are standard squares, rectangles, circles, etc. .... This is the easy part.

      Once the shapes are drawn, I would like for the user to be able to click on a shape, and have 4 squares show up at each corner of the shape. When a user clicks on one of the squares and drags the mouse, the object expands in size. Furthermore, I would like to provide the functionality so that the user may rotate the shape.

      I have currently completed the user being able to draw shapes, as well as drag them anywhere on the application. I have used sprites for this. Can someone please guide me on how to incorporate the other functionality such as the user being able to resize the shape by selecting a tiny square at one of the corners of the object. Thanks