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    Error 21 message


      Hi, I did start this thread earlier, and for whatever reason I dont seem to be able to post a reply to the gentleman who replied.


      Trying to install InDesign onto my computer, the trial version and once the installtion commences, I get an error 21 message.


      Ive also noticed it says InDesign is already installed on my computer. ( running Win7, computer 5 months old from new ).


      Ive done a search and it brings up the InDesign folder that Ive just d/loaded from Adobe. Nowhere else does it find an instance of InDesign.


      I'm about to forget this, and Ive been trying to install for about 5 hours now, but repeatedly get this error 21 message.


      Any help would be appreciated, and also why couldnt I continue with the replying on the original thread for this ??


      many thanks