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    Application Manager error: "The update server is not responding."

    David Burkhart Level 1

      With every attempt to check for updates for Creative Suite 5, the Application Manager immediately responds with an error: "The update server is not responding. The server might be offline temporarily, or the internet or firewall setting may be incorrect. Please try again later." My last successful check for updates was on 3/27/2012.


      I have not added any restrictions since 3/27. I do not block any outgoing communications within any of my firewalls. All other communications through all firewalls are functioning normally.


      Is there a way to verify if the update server is really down?


      Perhaps the server address has changed. It wouldn't be the first time a non-thinking person had this notion: "Here's what we'll do, change the update server's IP address and then roll out the new address in the next update."