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    Can I keep my existing email provider?

    portoffolio Level 1

      I'll be launching my first site in a few weeks and I want to make sure I'm understanding the DNS transfer and how it relates to email.

      I plan to transfer my client's domain name to Buiness Cataylst upon launch. The main reason being that using url forward from the current DNS doesn't allow for the page titles to transfer correctly and if I use the URL masking option, the real web address doesn't appear in the address bar. (my client frequently copies and pastes individual page links to their clients, so masking is not an option). So, a DNS switch is a must. The hitch is that they want to keep using their mail as-is. Will switching the DNS to BC effect their email in any way? Do I need to do something in the BC admin to ensure there will be no email interruption or loss? Should(must) their email be run through BC if their url is housed here?

      Please let me know if this is enough info. Again, I'm a total newbie.