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    AE takes very long to start


      Hello everyone. I don't know if that's the right place to ask, but I need some help with (not only) AE.


      Well, I downloaded the creative suit as trial, and everything has been going on pretty well, untill lately. After effects (and also Premiere) suddenly started taking pretty long time to start up.

      It kinda "hangs up" after saying "Initializing MediaCore", which is what I googled at first. I found results that said I should reinstall an older version of QuickTime. Problem: I didn't even seem to have QuickTime at all. I searched my whole Computer for it, and didn't find it, so I also couldn't know what Version I should install, so I just installed 7.7.1 for Windows.

      Well, it didn't help much. It still hangs up on the start.


      Also I've some more tips how to fix that. The problem here is that I didn't understand any of them, considering my knowledge about Computers in general are very...."limited".

      Then, after getting way to worked up about things, I left the room as I left the After Effects window loading. Found out that after a while it actually loads. But it takes about 10 to 20 minutes to finally start the program.

      I already uninstalled the trial for Premiere, so I don't know if it's the same for that.


      At first I was afraid, thinking I deleted something important while using "Glary Utilities", or maybe even messed things up when trying to install a trial of some "redgiant" plug-in (I guess this was the name, don't know anymore as I already deleted it)

      Also, it seems that it only takes that long in the process of the "Initializing MediaCore", the rest is done pretty quickly.


      I will try further on to "clean up" my PC, though it already IS pretty much clean.
      I apreciate any kind of help.

      Thanks in advance.