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    Select next layer not working in CS5 extended Mac

    Daniel Geiger

      I try to generate an action applying a filter to every layer for files with dozens of layers. To move through layers, one supposedly can use "select next layer" menu item. However, "select next layer" does not exist in SELECT menu, and keyboard shortcut option-+/- (also tried option-alt-+/-, option-numkeypad-+/-) does not work. It moves through the blending options in the layers palette, but does not go to the next/previous layer.


      How do I tell PS to move to the next layer without clicking on the specific layer? I.e., some sort of command that I can integrate into an action.


      Or: how to I make select next layer available again in PS CS5? There are no hidden menu items, so no "show all menu items" at bottom of menu.