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    Barcode value truncates when scanning into a text field on an interactive pdf form.


      I created an interactive pdf form via LiveCycle Designer that will enable a user to enter a list of serial numbers.  The user could also use a tethered scanner gun to scan barcodes of the serial numbers onto the pdf form.  This seems to work intermittently.  Quite often, the serial number values get truncated in the form text fields.  All the text fields are 18 characters long and the serial number values are often less than 18 characters.  The scanner gun works fine and when I scan the barcodes onto MS Word, all the serial number values are intact.  I'm using LiveCycle 8.1 and I'm using Adobe X Reader.  Has anyone ever encountered such an issue on an interactive pdf form?  If so, how was it resolved?  Any advice is greatly appreciated.