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    Pin registered

    Jay55O Level 1

      I am using Kelby's PSE 7 book. On page 83-86 he covers pin registered. I think his directions leave out an important step since after quite a few trys, I can not get it. Can anyone give me the sequence of steps to do it?Thank you very much. Jay

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          That usually refers to moving a layer of the same pixel dimensions to another document of the same pixel dimensions by using the

          move tool, dragging the layer to the other document, holding down the shft key before releasing the mouse button.


          If the documents are not of the same pixel dimensions, then holding the shift key just centers the layer.


          It might be good if you were to mention what version of elements your using.

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            Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

            Example of moving a layer from one document to another dragging from the layers panel (you don't have to use the move tool):






            Example of using the move tool to move a layer from from one document window to another:




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              Jay55O Level 1

              Thank you. I have PSE 7 and using Kelby PSE 7 book. His instructions are to open a raw photo, process and open image. Then in the editor go into the file menu, choose Save As, and rename and save. I am not sure ware to save it to since there are several choices. Then file again and Open recently edited file and choose the same raw file you just opened. Sometimes that image is not there, sometimes the one I renamed is not there. Any way, I do not get two pictures as he shows in the book, just the second. That is it, Jay

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                Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                If your trying to put two copies of the same camera raw file into the same document, i would open the first photo.

                Then go to File>Place and navigate to that same photo (the camera raw dialog will open again) and press okay

                and you'll get the same photo, processed differently if desired on two seperate layers.

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                  Hi Jay 550


                  did you ever manage to find out what bit of the instructions are missing?


                  I have PS Elements 11 and the Scott Kelby Elements 11 book and am hitting exactly the same problem as you describe. I have been impressed with the book so far as this is the first problem I have hit (pages 87 - 88 in this version)

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                    Jay55O Level 1

                    Yes, with the help of, Cindy Snyder, at csnyder@kelbymediagroup.com, she showed me the way.


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                      Chris1512 Level 1

                      Jay - Thanks for the contact  - I have sent Cindy an e-mail but not heard from her yet

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                        Chris1512 Level 1

                        Now sorted.


                        With Cindy's Help I found out that I had (somehow) changed the default setting for the depth pop up menu in Camera Raw - from 8 bits to 16. This is at middle bottom of the Camera Raw screen.


                        Apparently everything in the book assumes default setting.Other filters also do not work at 16 bits so if a filter is greyed out that is a likely reason