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    Menu issues


      Hey guys.


      I am trying to figure out why all my menus open when I put the mouse over the root item in the menu. How can I fix this? Thank you in advance.



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          Liam Dilley Mythic

          Hi there.

          Could you provide more information please or a link tot the site?

          What dynamic menu version are you using?

          Are you using the default or CSS HTML only version?


          Your issue could be incorect JavaScript or CSS etc.

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            MrFixMe Newcomer

            Thank you for your response. The website is

            <a href="http://www.misterfixme.com">here.</a>

            I am using CSS (HTML Only).


            I have looked over the CSS and didn't see any errors.

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              Liam Dilley Mythic

              Your main Navigation Menu has no sub items under any of those links such as Shop.


              Screen Shot 2012-04-16 at 15.33.53.png


              You have a second menu which is the Mobile one in the bar which has sub navigation links which seem to work fine in firefox.

              If you intended this to be under one of the main navigation links above you need to add it as a child of one of those menu items.


              Another thing I noted is you have your Search form HTML in there twice sitting on top of each other.

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                MrFixMe Newcomer

                If you look at the second menu, when you put your mouse over Apple, everything followingit opens.

                It should open one by one when you put your mouse over it. This is where I am running into problems.

                I'll add more items to it so you can see it better. I deleted my original menu thinking if i redid it, it might work correctly.


                Also I appreciate you letting me know about the search form being there twice.

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                  Liam Dilley Mythic

                  Ok, with you.

                  You need to polish up more of your CSS further.


                  Because you have the hover and you have a ul inside the li it is treating that and the second ul li inside it.


                  There is a zip file here: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-1903 Which is of a menu system, pure css I did. I think if you download that and look it has sub menu's etc you can have a look at the CSS and see how it is all working. It was built with how BC outputs menu's in mind so you should find it useful.

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                    MrFixMe Newcomer

                    I can not figure this thing out. If I upload the code, could you correct the issue for me?


                    I'd greatly appreciate it.