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    Once more on pixel polly [ the cross-hair]

    HarryPutnam Level 1

      I see a green crosshair when I use pixel polly from CycoreFX.


      I'm running AE 5.5 trial (I have both CS4 and CS5 paid versions), I don't recall seeing this green crosshair visible on the timeline where I've used pixel-polly effect

      You can see it in the image.  It dissappears if I click the FX button on the layer, so I know it is being produced by that effect.


      I want to know if this is normal? ... I haven't used pixel polly for a good long while but don't recall seeing this before.

      Perhaps it is only the CycoreFX download version that displays it?


      But it seems a bit perculiar to stick in something that doesn't seem to be consistent with the effect.

      I tried zeroing each setting in turn to see if it would go away but does not seem to be effected by any of the settings, unless something I haven't noticed to test yet.


      This image was grabbed  (in the comp window)  just a frame or two into a pixel polly type explossion.  Note the green cross-hair type lines. And that they are not quite perpendicular.