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    Custom component scope & events

    John Hall Level 4

      I'm trapping keyboard events on the stage and dispatching custom events through a framework (Mate, though I don't know that this is an important issue), but I'm pretty confused by the scope. The structure is:


        --application (traps keyboard events and dispatches custom event


                  ----  mainPanel (receives dispatched events but mainCalendar (a child element) is null

                                   on debugging. Obviously if I try to call a public method on mainCalendar

                                   it errors out, even though it's a child of mainPanel. However, mainCalendar is

                                   NOT null IF I use FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication.mainPanel.mainCalendar.

                                   Outerdocument and parentDocument do not expose mainCalendar either, BTW


                            ----  mainCalendar (a custom component inside mainPanel with public methods. Creation policy is 'all' and it's visible and exists long before I trap any keystrokes at the top level)



      Could someone take a minute and explain why the mainCalendar is out of scope when mainPanel receives a custom event, even though mainCalendar is a child of mainPanel. Is there a better way to manage the events so I don't have to always address the component via the topLevelApplication?