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    Startup issues with CQ on VPN connection


      Anyone had issues when starting up a personal instance of CQ when running a VPN connection?


      I assume this is having to do with CQ trying to start the cluster listener.  It seems to halt for some time after this statement,

      and then never start up...


      15.04.2012 12:13:34 *INFO * LocalFileSystem: LocalFileSystem initialized at path C:\DAY_HOME\author\

      crx-quickstart\repository\repository (LocalFileSystem.java, line 164)

      15.04.2012 12:13:35 *INFO * ClusterController: Node f44b37df-3b76-4fda-879e-64f67f7dc627 started the

      master listener, on address: H8440305020961/ force: false (ClusterController.java,

      line 804)


      Since this is a local dev instance we are running and we are not clustering, would there be a way to supress this and any other step

      that might need external connectivity. Or has someone had experience with another approach?

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          How are you trying to start the instance and what is the error which is displayed on the UI.

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            DavidMcCarty Level 1

            I am starting at the command line using server.bat.


            It stalls at this line, then gives this error: (essentially thinking VPN is shutting connectivity to be able to create connections to my host on a specific port and cluster listener complains)



            20.04.2012 11:19:59 *ERROR* RepositoryStartupServlet: RepositoryStartupServlet initializing failed:

            org.apache.jackrabbit.j2ee.ServletExceptionWithCause: Error while creating repository (RepositorySta

            rtupServlet.java, line 250)

            org.apache.jackrabbit.j2ee.ServletExceptionWithCause: Error while creating repository

                    at org.apache.jackrabbit.j2ee.RepositoryStartupServlet.initRepository(RepositoryStartupServl


                    at org.apache.jackrabbit.j2ee.RepositoryStartupServlet.startup(RepositoryStartupServlet.java


                    at com.day.crx.j2ee.CRXRepositoryStartupServlet.startup(CRXRepositoryStartupServlet.java:147


                    at org.apache.jackrabbit.j2ee.RepositoryStartupServlet.init(RepositoryStartupServlet.java:21


                    at javax.servlet.GenericServlet.init(GenericServlet.java:211)

                    at com.day.crx.j2ee.CRXRepositoryStartupServlet.init(CRXRepositoryStartupServlet.java:126)

                    at com.day.j2ee.servletengine.ServletRuntimeEnvironment.doStart(ServletRuntimeEnvironment.ja


                    at com.day.j2ee.servletengine.ServletRuntimeEnvironment.start(ServletRuntimeEnvironment.java


                    at com.day.j2ee.servletengine.WebApplication.loadStartupServlets(WebApplication.java:702)

                    at com.day.j2ee.servletengine.WebApplication.start(WebApplication.java:631)

                    at com.day.j2ee.servletengine.ServletContainer.start(ServletContainer.java:318)

                    at com.day.j2ee.servletengine.ServletEngine.start(ServletEngine.java:285)

                    at com.day.j2ee.server.Server.start(Server.java:227)

                    at com.day.j2ee.server.Server.main(Server.java:607)

                    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)

                    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)

                    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)

                    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)

                    at com.day.launcher.Bootstrap.run(Bootstrap.java:118)

                    at com.day.crx.quickstart.Quickstart.run(Quickstart.java:680)

                    at com.day.crx.quickstart.Main.<init>(Main.java:675)

                    at com.day.crx.quickstart.Main.main(Main.java:730)

                ... 21 more

            Caused by: java.io.IOException: Could not create a listener on any of the following ports: [8088, 8

            89, 8090, 8091, 8092, 8093], and could not connect to another cluster node

                at com.day.crx.core.cluster.ClusterController.start(ClusterController.java:679)
                at com.day.crx.core.cluster.ClusterController.register(ClusterController.java:833)

            at com.day.crx.core.data.ClusterDataStore$Skeleton.register(ClusterDataStore.java:611)


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              Level 1

              Do your port list from

              8088, 889, 8090, 8091, 8092, 8093 are not open or in use ? Make sure that they are open. If in case they are in use (When many CQ instace is running on same machine), You can change this range using portList option. See http://wem.help.adobe.com/enterprise/en_US/10-0/core/administering/cluster.html for that.