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    'preview unavailable for this file.?

    carogray3015 Level 1

      I can't import to Lightroom 3.3. (Mac) from my new Nikon D7000,  used to work from my Rebel T2i Canon - says 'preview unavailable for this file'.  I can see the photos - they come up on import lightroom screen but will not import ..


      can anyone help..?

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          -Agfaclack- Level 3

          why do you use v3.3 and not v3.6? ... it a free update!


          i have not checked which version got support for D7000 but there is a good chance the D7000 is not supported by v3.3

          but then im not a nikon shooter and i don´t have much of a clue what nikon camera is supported in which LR version ... anyway i would update to v3.6.


          edit: i just checked and v3.3 added support for the D7000.

          but v3.4 got some bugfix for the D7000. so i would definately update to v3.6.