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    ADEP Ant's fiberGenTask

    Pham Huy Anh Level 1

      After googling for days about this, I got the feeling that I am the only one in the world use this feature.

      OK, I know the sample from C:\ADEP Data Services for Java EE 4.6\resources\model-code-gen-ant-task. It is good, but it is just a HelloWorld use case. I can use it to generate Java entity, but not Skeleton Assembly like the Eclipse plugin do. I even try to extract the templateDir, but it doesn't work

      Please help

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          Pham Huy Anh Level 1

          Found it!


          Inside the model test.fml :


          <annotation name="JavaGeneration" Package="com.adobe.sample.salesbuilder.model" AssemblerPackage="com.adobe.sample.salesbuilder.assembler" GenerateAssembler="true"/>


          I guess there is some way out there to specify the generator config in Ant...


          Anyway, I am now stuck at generating form!!

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