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    Problem printing assembled forms

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      I have 4 forms in the following sequence:

      Form 1 - 8.5x11 - Duplex - 4 pages

      Form 2 - 8.5x14 - Simplex - 1 page

      Form 3 - 8.5x14 - Duplex - 2 pagres

      Form 4 - 8.5x11 - Simplex - 1 page


      I am assembling these forms using invokeDDX. When I print the merged/assembled output directly using generatePrintedOutput, this package prints perfectly.


      Whereas when I print using generatePDFOutput, Form 3 starts printing on the backside of Form 2. Whereas Form 4 prints alright as a single page Simplex.


      What might be going wrong? The DDX that I have simply takes the XDPs and generates merged XDP.



      Please help.




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          Hello Phoenix_guru,

          I came accross this discussion but found the answer sheet empty.I'd like little help from you regarding how did you actually embeded duplex and simplex properties to different forms.

          I checked out the forms from workbench and in the designer (File-> FormProperties-> PDF Print Options-> select duplex mode). After saving and checking in and running the java code, the assembled PDF is still showing a property of Simplex. Could you please help me if you can, if there is any need to tweak java properties to set these printing options. I really appreciate your help.