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    Best method for distribution/data collection if form created in Live Cycle, not on Forms Central?

    Curator M



      I spent quite a bit of time trying to find these answers on my own. Need to ask you guys directly or this project will never get finished.


      I created a Portfolio that combines a MS Word doc with a Live Cycle dynamic form. I'm running into problems both with distribution and with data collection by the client.


      The client (a small private school) would like to use their existing Constant Contact account to distribute the package and have the completed forms submitted back to the school by email. When I test by attaching the package and sending it to other email accounts, the package doesn't launch directly into the portfolio. This is going to confuse their user group.



      Can I save the Portfolio or just the Live Cycle form into Forms Central and then distribute from there?

      Will this assure that anyone gets an immediate launch of package content when they click the link?


      The school does not have a license for Acrobat X.



      Can they utilze the functionality of Forms Central by paying a monthly membership or do they need the software too?


      Any thoughts, much appreciated.