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    gtx 570 question


      Hello, I just purchased a gtx 570 to run with my 3930k/asusx79pro board.  However, I didn't realize I could spend $30 more to get double the onboard memory.  Is it worth the hassle to exchange the card???  Is it worth it to spend $100 more for a 580??


      Im using mostly PP and AE, editing 5d stuff.


      thanks in advance

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          It depends on your '5D stuff'. If you have the habit to downrez your 5D material to around 1920 x 1080, there is no need to get the 2.5 GB version, but if you always use the 5D material in the original hi-rez resolution, it may make sense to change the card for the 2.5 GB version. You will not likely note any performance difference between the 570 and the 580.