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    installing flex sdk

      I have downloaded both the Flex 2 SDK and the Flex Builder 3 SDK for eclipse.
      I have Eclipse

      Both SDK state to "install" the sdk in Eclipse.


      So where might I find an "install" function, application, service, etc.????

      The instructions simply state "install the SDK" without explaining how one installs an SDK in eclipse.

      Any words of wisdom?

      I would prefer help for Flex Builder 3.0 SDK plugin for Eclipse.

      Eclipse has multiple options for installing plug-ins. Each takes one on a "search" to find the plug-in.
      It would be nice to know which search tree to use and would be nice to know where to find the file it is searching for within the Flex download.
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          Mike J. Potter Level 1
          Where did you see the instructions to install the SDK in Eclipse?

          I downloaded the Flex 3 SDK and I don't see that in the Readme file.

          In any case, you don't install the SDK - you should be able to use it from the command line.

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            BoydMills Level 1
            From the Adobe web page:

            Already have Eclipse installed? Download the Flex Builder Eclipse plugin instead.

            Flex 3.0 SDKThe Adobe® Flex™ 3 Software Development Kit (SDK) includes the Flex framework (component class library) and Flex compiler, enabling you to freely develop and deploy Flex applications using an IDE of your choice.

            From the FLEX3 readme file:
            Getting Started
            Before you begin using Flex SDK, do the following:
            • Read the Installation Instructions on the Flex Documentation Resource Center.
            • Compile the sample applications. For information on compiling the Flex SDK sample applications, see Flex Samples.


            Then the "Flex Documentation Resource Center." simply states:
            Install the Flex SDK

            Download Flex SDK ZIP file from the Adobe website.

            Create a directory to contain Flex SDK.

            Extract the Flex SDK ZIP file to this directory. The Flex SDK contains the following directories:

            /ant — Contains Flex Ant Tasks.
            /asdoc — Contains helper files for the ASDoc tool that creates HTML documentation from your MXML and ActionScript source code.
            /bin — Contains the mxmlc, compc, asdoc, and fdb utilities. The bin directory also contains the jvm.config file, which specifies Java settings that you can modify, if necessary.
            /frameworks — Contains compiled framework classes, configuration files, and framework source code.
            /lib — Contains JAR files used by the utilities.
            /runtimes — Contains installers for the Adobe AIR runtime inside the air directory and installers for debug versions of Flash Player 9 inside the player directory.
            /samples — Contains sample applications.
            /templates — Contains HTML templates for Flash Player detection and browser integration and inside the air folder, a sample Adobe AIR application.xml file.
            Ensure that the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is installed on the computer and that the java_home/bin directory is defined in the system path. JRE 1.4, 1.5, or 1.6 is required. For 1.4, JRE 1.4.2_06 or later is required.

            Install the appropriate debug Flash Player from the install_root/runtimes/player/platform directory.

            (Optional) When the Flash Player installation finishes, restart your computer to ensure that the updated Flash Player browser plug-in is enabled.

            Continue by reviewing the explorer sample. To run the explorer sample, you must first compile it running the install_root/samples/explorer/build.bat (Windows) or install_root/samples/explorer/build.sh (UNIX and Mac OS X) files. For more information on the Flex compilers, see the "Using the Flex Compilers" chapter in the Building and Deploying Flex Applications manual.


            Ok, so where in there does it explain how to import the plug in into eclipse?
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              Mike J. Potter Level 1
              It doesn't explain how to import the plugin into Eclipse, because the SDK isn't an Eclipse plugin. The Flex download page that you refer to has a link on the text "Download the Flex Builder Eclipse plugin instead." that takes you to the Flex Builder Eclipse plugin download page.

              If you're using Eclipse, you need the Flex Builder Eclipse plugin, not the SDK. If you want to compile Flex applications using the command line, you can use the SDK.

              The Eclipse plugin can be found at http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?product=flex_eclipse

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                BoydMills Level 1
                The link provided is to a 60 day trial version.
                Not very helpful.

                From Adobe: "Flex 3.0 SDKThe Adobe® Flex™ 3 Software Development Kit (SDK) includes the Flex framework (component class library) and Flex compiler, enabling you to freely develop and deploy Flex applications using an IDE of your choice."

                Ok, so how is it used with Eclipse?
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                  Mike J. Potter Level 1
                  In that case we're saying that you can use any IDE to edit the MXML and ActionScript code, in text mode only, and then use the compiler in the SDK to create the SWF files.

                  Darron Schall has created instructions on how to use Eclipse with the Flex SDK:

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                    BoydMills Level 1
                    Is there a downloadable "Flex Builder Eclipse plugin" ( version 2 or 3 ) that does not have a 60 day time limit?
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                      Slightly OTT but I don't use the eclipse builder. Downloaded it on the 60 day trial and it's OK but not so much better than a text editor it's worth having IMHO unless I used flex constantly, the only time it saves is not having to hit whichever key you setup as a short cut for build because you can use it's planning view.

                      Adobe obviously want to make money from Flex and that's no bad thing, if I used it all the time I'd be more than willing to cough up for the builder because over time the seconds it saves here and there turn into hours, then into a couple of days... etc...

                      What I'm saying is you don't need an IDE to use flex, just download the SDK, put the SDK's bin directory in your path, use any old text editor (TextMate on the mac is good), add some syntax highlighting, a hot key short cut for running the compiler and viola - almost as good as an IDE and completely free.
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                        Mike J. Potter Level 1
                        No, there's not a version of Flex Builder that doesn't have the time limit on it.

                        We have to make money at some point. :)

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                          slaingod Level 1
                          I think the real issue with the wording is 'IDE': Integrated Development Environment. Sure you can open it in Eclipse as text file, but I don't know that rises to the level of 'Intregation' to qualify for that term.