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    Installing and configuring the application

      Hi, I am having problems with Tom Jordahl's article on 'Using ColdFusion with Flex – Part 1: Creating and running a contact manager application' found on link ' http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/coldfusionflex_part1_02.html'
      I do not understand his instruction. In step 4, it states:
      "Copy the channel definition from the example Flex configuration files found in resources/config (default location: C:\fds2\resources\config\). "
      In that folder, I have the following files: data-management-config.xml, messaging-config.xml, proxy-config.xml, remoting-config.xml. So which file in this folder am I supposed to copy from. And where am I supposed to paste it to? Is it into WEB-INF/services-config.xml file ?
      When I ran the test, http://localhost:8700/samples/dataservice/cfcontact/contactmgr.mxml, I get the following errors:
      4 Errors found.
      Error /dataservice/cfcontact/contactmgr.mxml:31
      Definition samples.contact could not be found.
      30: import mx.rpc.events.*;
      31: import samples.contact.*;

      I am very new at Flex and trying hard to understand this sw. Can someone pse help. Thanks a million.