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    Secound call to HTTPService send() not working


      I am invoking a servlet using the HTTPService class ( send() )and the servlet is INVOKED and sending a String response back if i try to call the same servlet class once again USING SAME HTTPService class (send() ) or OTHER HTTPService class i am getting the response but the SERVLET IS NOT INVOKING BUT i am getting the result same result as first time call.

      I want to invoke the servlet program frequently for getting the updated values.

      I tried using ActionScript and using MXML both ways eg:

      <mx:HTTPService id="wp" url=" http://localhost:8080/BiddingPortal/homemenu.xml" result="getWallPaperHome(event)" resultFormat="e4x" useProxy="false"/>

      public function makeServletRequest():void
      trace("Make Servlet Request colled");
      var ht:HTTPService = new HTTPService;
      ht.url=" http://localhost:8080/exampleservlet/first";

      Both ways not working.
      If any one can Solve this problem or know about it plz send the reponse