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    Stream not found in OSMF player

    Ramesh babu dudi



      This is ramesh,


      I installed adobe zerri server in my local server and using f4f packager i created manifest files with different bitrates and moved that files to /opt/adobe/fms/webroot/vod .

      using osmf player iam giving request as http//:www."local server ip"/vod/filename.f4m ,its playing contents fully and no problem with this........


      i created one delivery service in CDSM page , content origin as this zerri server ip  ,assigned service engine with some domain name and i prepositioned the files  in delivery service content origin. using osmf player iam giving request as http://www.domainname/vod/filename.f4m but contents are playing up to some fragments and throwing error as "STREAM NOT FOUND" in OSMF player...



      can anyboby suggest me that why the contents are not playing while giving request with domain name?


      problem with zerri code in service engine ?