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    Editing forward and back buttons in gallery

    Dave Blake Level 1
      I downloaded an xml gallery setup from FlashDen and need to edit the advance buttons for the thumbnail images. Currently the buttons only advance the thumbnails one at a time. Ideally, I would like them to scroll the thumbnails until you roll out. I would also like to add a scrollbar as well but that's the next stem. I've posed the question to the guy who created it but he doesn't respond back on it. So I've come here for help!

      Anyway, here is the code for the back button:

      on (rollOver) {
      if (thumb_menu._x>thumb_menu.destX-0.5 && thumb_menu._x<thumb_menu.destX+0.5 && thumb_menu._x < thumb_menu.originX -5) {
      thumb_menu.destX = thumb_menu._x+(thumb_menu.thumb_mc._width+_parent.thumbSpacing);

      Now here is the heirarchy for the thumbnail setup for this:
      menu_mc is a movieclip that contains the bttnPrev and bttnNext advance buttons along with a group that contains the holder for the thumbnails that are loaded. Within that group is a movieclip called thumb_menu which then contains the movngs are nested.

      Hope I have given enough info for help.