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    Some of the cross-references lost in PDF


      When converting Word to PDF using PDF maker,  some(not all) of the cross-references are lost.

      The cross-references in the body text(link to some place in the same document) that are within the sentences are converted as normal text with no links.

      The numbers links to certain pages are disabled, either.

      Only several cross-references with the name of the headings linking to the corresponding headings are with links.

      I am quite confusing.

      I am using Word 2003 in Windows XP, and the Acrobat X pro Trial.

      I am applying to our boss to buy Acrobat X pro. But if this problem cannot be solved, I don't know if it worth the money or if my boss will permit the purchase.


      So I want to know if this is the problem of word or acrobat? or the improper settings of mine(I use the default settings actually)? How to solve this? Please help~