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    Font size of the title can not be changed in Adobe Presenter


      The lesson title displayed in the upper right hand corner is not completely shown.

      Is it possible to adjust the font size here to display all the lesson title?


      Full name which should be:


      Symantec Backup Exec 2012 シマンテックセールスエキスパートトレーニング レッスン 1: お客様のプロフィールとビジネス要件


      I tried many ways to slove the problem, but failed.

      I checked the presenter 7 installed in PPT, found that there was only one way to name title, and in the panel other attributes such as font,size,isbold,isitalic,isshadowed etc. are not inexistence.


      after tried this method , i check the output files after publish, open the data folder, you can find the vconfig.xml, I tried to revise the attributes in Dreamwaver.



      so is there anyone can  solve it? thanks in advance!



      Cuimei Liang