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    Capturing Video8, quality = 3?


      I got som Video8 tapes that i want to transfere to my Mac.


      Bought a Grass Valley ADVC 110 http://www.grassvalley.com/products/advc110 and a Canon G20 H8/Hi8 camcorder PAL.


      Connected the camcorder via composite (Yellow video - Black to Audio L phono), the camera don't have stereo out and the tapes is from a Bauer VCC 830 camcorder bougt i 91' and don't think it records in stereo anyway, but the camara i long gone.


      On some danish sites it recomende to use S-video out rather than composite, there for i orderet a S-Video cable and will get the audio like with composite.


      My question goes on capturing the video in Premiere Pro CS5.

      When i capture i get af bitrate of 3.6MB/sec but under the Video data block the settings are Normal = 3 in quality.



      Is it possible to change this, for higher quality capture? (Im aware that it can't get any better the quality of the film)


      I was recomende to use DVCPRO50 when editing the capture film, because it has higer bitrate and more functions (colour boost) and since it dosent matter if i capture in a standard 48KHZ pal project or DVCPRO50, i think that the bit rate of 3.6Mb/sec i what the camara/film quality is.


      I want to capture my Video8 tape in best quality, for later use i Premiere Pro and export DVD copy's to famerly members.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's not necessary to do so. In fact, it won't improve your video quality.


          If you're capturing your video through the AVDC into a FireWire connection on your computer, your captured video should look identical to the original -- except digital.

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            Draco_DK Level 1

            Steve => thanks for replying.


            Yes, im using the Firewire connection and use capture in Premiere Pro.


            Teh monitor on the camera is not very good, so i can't compare the film. but as you replyes it should be det same but digital.


            But im just wondering, where this Quality = Normal can be changed, i dont see any settings for the capture with this option.


            Do you know if S-video will give an video improvement? What I read (in danish) using Composite (Sinle phono yellow out), is the worst quality out put, and S-video is recomended if possible.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I don't know where you change the quality setting. But I'm sure if you post to the Community Forum at videomaker support site http://Muvipix.com you'll find someone who does. I know a number of people on that forum that use the Canopus unit.


              That said, I don't think it will make much difference if you capture your video as composite or S-video. Your results should look identical to the original footage either way. And you can't get better than that!

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                Draco_DK Level 1

                Steve => Thanks for your help.


                register at the muvipix.com and seached the forum and only found threads saying good things about canopus 110 and 300.


                regading composite vs S-Video, is because if composite offers more quality loss than S-Video, then S-Video must offer better or closer to the original quality.. the best should be component (Y-Cb-Cr (RGB) for analog signal, if is true what i read.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Is there a reason you only searched and didn't ask on the Muvipix forums???

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                    Draco_DK Level 1

                    Steve => I didn't got the time to formulate the question (im danish, and don't write much english, therefor it takes mere longer time to formulate my question) and right now its evening/night here.

                    Thats why i only seached the site, just to see if any already had a question/thread regarding the same problem/question like mine.


                    im sorry, if that made no senes