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    Scripting with Automate Batch mode

    Ghoulfool Level 1

      Recently I've been running scripts on lots (1000+) files by putting the script in a action and then applying that action to a load of subdirectories in Automate Batch mode.

      The script work fine, but I was wondering if is possible to control the way the script is controlled within the batch mode; to be more specific this is what I had in mind: Alter the history and cache levels to a minimum, start a timer, run the image processing script on all the 1000+ files, write the timer result to a text file, put the history and cache levels to how they were previously and finally close down photoshop when the whole thing is finished.



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          Muppet Mark Level 5

          If you look about 6 posts down the list you will find Paul's function to recurse folder contents… Swap your batch action for that… Then you just need to get date twice do a little math…


          var start = new Date();
          $.sleep( 2000 ); // do all your stuff between replacing this…
          var end = new Date();
          alert( 'Seconds: ' + (end-start)/1000 );


          Your timings are milliseconds… I just divided to get seconds… You may want something other…