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    Using RTMFP for unicast UDP broadcasting


      Hi all,


      I've been reading all the excellent posts - cudos to the community.  However I have not yet found an answer to what my team needs despite much googling and reading.


      Essentially we want to use RTMFP to stream video on the public internet for its UDP nature.


      How do we do this?  All of the documentation and literature focuses on multicast, or more advanced capabililties of RTMFP which we don't need like P2P.  We just need UDP to get past the TCP window size limits.  As you all probably know (and our testing has confirmed), TCP protocols like RTMP get slaughtered over high latency links at high video bitrates.  1080p action sports content at >7mbits via >250ms round trip.  Ouch.


      Using the FMS Multicast Config Tool, we don't understand how to generate a manifest which will do the job and we are hoping there is a way to skip the multicast router requirement as we just don't want or need that.  Any tips would be massively appreciated!


      Thanks much and kind regards.