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    Installing without local administrator privilege


      I read in a forum that Flash updates after no longer require admin privileges.

      I'm trying to install Flash version and I still get the UAC elevation logon screen.

      When I logon with the current user credentials I get the message: Host: "Process not elevated".


      For Flash version 10 there was an installer download link up to version 10.3 http://forums.adobe.com/thread/889580, with an installer "install_flash_player_10_plugin.exe" that works with a switch "-install", "install_flash_player_10.3.183.7_active_x.exe -install".

      This version was perfect to install Flash with Computer GPO login script.


      Is this version with the "-install" switch also available for Flash

      Or is there a msi installer I can use to get the Flash update installed for users without local administrator privileges?