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    Dropdown Hotspot Style

    Karl B Cartwright Level 1

      Robohelp 9. WIndows 7


      I edited my Dropdown Hotspot to to add an arrow at the end.  The text of the style is still black.  When creating, I select the text and add the Drop down hotspot.  The function of the Dropdown works like I expect, but the style of the text I selected changes when I view the page.  It turns blue with an underline.


      The text has no other style that I can find.


      I want the text that I select to add the Drop Down hotpsot to be just like I set it when I edit the style.


      What is happening to change it?

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP





          I seems the dropdown is defaulting back to the default hyperlink styling. Try the following: Open the css in the style editor and make a change to the Dropdown link style. Save and revert the change, save again. Now try the preview again. Did that help?









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            Karl B Cartwright Level 1

            Thank you, but no.  Still the same...


            This is how it looks in the editor:


            1. Log on to CMP. 
            2. Click My codes. 
            3. Click on the Name in the Title/ Ref. field


            And this is how it looks in Preview (Minus the arrows):


            1. Log on to CMP. 
            2. Click My codes. 
            3. Click on the Name in the Title/ Ref. field



            This is the Style in the CSS:


            A.dropspot {

                      cursor: hand;

                      font-family: Calibri;

                      font-size: 11pt;

                      x-open-image: url(green_arrow_down.png);

                      x-close-image: url(green_arrow_right.png);

                      x-image-place: right;

                      x-on-pageload: show();

                      color: #000000;

                      text-decoration: none;

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              Karl B Cartwright Level 1

              OK, played around and found a solution.


              I selected the effected text and applied different attributes in the editor (Changed color, underlined, etc.).  Then, I re-applied the attributes I wanted. Seems to be fine now.

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                johndaigle Level 4

                Sorry to butt in but I thought I would pass along a notorious glitch which often occurs when someone imports a Word document into RoboHelp that happens to have a web hyperlink in it.


                Microsoft's conversion output assumes you want a blue underlined link so, it adds a pesky Embedded Style at the top of the topic like this:


                <style type="text/css">/*<![CDATA[*/

                A:visited {

                    color: #800080;


                A:link {

                    color: #0000ff;





                The effect of the embedded style is to defeat whatever you might be trying to do with other link styles in your external css.


                Of course this was probably not the case with your situation and after all, you have resolved it. But, I thought I would mention this because folks run into this all the time.



                John Daigle

                Adobe Certified RoboHelp and Captivate Instructor

                Evergreen, Colorado


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                  Karl Cartwright

                  Thank you for that tip.


                  I concluded that the css was probably "compromised" somehow (After reading your post about the converted word doc).  I used ExtendScript to copy all the entries in my css and and paste them into a new file.  When I applied the new css style, it all works as expected.

                  I appreciate the help with this.