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    Importing a Catalog

    Are Square 2

      I have a Catalog in my Desktop and exported it to my laptop then made a lot of additions of keywords and ratings. I'm ready to move all that back to my Desktop. I am exporting the Catalog from my laptop (without negative since the same photos are already on the Desktop) and want to make sure I get that back into the LR on my Desktop properly. How do I merge that Catalog from the laptop without messing up the existing Desktop catalog or do I merely just replace the current catalog. How do I do this?




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          web-weaver Level 5

          Go >File >Import from another Catalog and  click on the catalog transferred from your laptop. This will merge the catalog from your laptop with your catalog currently open.

          In Lr3 the menu is >File >Import from catalog.

          Before you start: backup both catalogs to a safe location and read up in the Help menu on <import from catalog>. There are several options and you need to choose wisely.

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            dorin_nicolaescu Level 5

            If you copied your catalog to laptop, worked there, and didn't touch the

            desktop copy all this time — there's no need to waste time on

            exporting/importing. Just replace the older catalog with the newer one.